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Stone + Structure

In the beautiful equestrian estate of De Geode Hoop in Noordhoek, an ex-Johannesburg family found their four acre dream residence. Able to house their horses on their land, the family fell in love with the possibility that the property and garden held.

Initially a tired garden, with no structure or formality, Tone was afforded the exciting opportunity to create a more formal, French-flavoured garden. With the house situated at the bottom end of the property, the garden climbing up the mountain side, Tone was required to phase the stages of landscaping. In order to tame the garden, Tone began by creating lawn terraces that lead away from the house and up the mountain-side. Using hand packed stone to create the terrace walls and staircases, he was able to tie in the natural materials of the area with the structured clean lines of the lawns.
At the same time, an architect was brought in to create a barn-style horse stable, together with a number of smaller buildings, adding to the theme of a village of buildings and courtyards. Picking up on this theme, Tone began to sculpt the garden into it’s next phase. By creating garden ‘rooms’ through the use of hedges and courtyards. A particular example can be seen off the kitchen area that allows for informal dining.

Tone has also worked the garden into parallel and perpendicular lines, thereby really bringing the structured French garden to life. The lines connect the house to the garden, ensuring that wherever you are in the house, you are able to look along a line of flora and come to a focal point, such as a water feature or garden sculpture. This can be seen in the strong diagonals that are created by the avenue of poplars and olive trees along one axis, and the pool across the other.

An ongoing project, Tone continues to enjoy the growth a of this garden, as well as the exciting new developments yet to come.