Superball + Horizon

Outstanding features in the garden are the superball collection, which Tone sourced from a specialist grower. The superballs mimic the clouds on the horizon and are in two tones of green, enhancing the depth of the garden.

Having previously worked closely with well-known interior decorator, Sue Bond, Tone knew that her home would be an exciting landscaping challenge. The brief was to create a formal garden (300m2), complimenting the Georgian styled home.

Sue’s home in Fresnaye was newly built and offered no road access to the garden. This meant that 100 tons of soil, which was required to fill in for the lawn and planter boxes, was carried down three flights of stairs, by hand, and the majority of plants were brought in with a crane truck.

The most challenging plant to be brought in was a 100yr old white camellia, which was dropped into the entrance courtyard using a crane.  For this exercise, the road needed to be closed for a short period of time. To appease residents, Tone’s team served cool drinks to motorists on either side of the blockage, whilst the lifting occurred. The exquisite camellia spans the height of three stories. Other planting included box hedging and water pears for screening. The water pears flank the neighbors on either side of the property, ensuring that the view towards Robin Island is the focal point.