Plantation + Office

The space is relaxing and gives Tone the freedom to create in amongst a treasure trove of items he’s collected from his travels around the world.

Tone has recently opened a new office in Noordhoek and true to his profession and style, has created a space that inspires.

Tone found the space at a local nursery and completely renovated it, including removing internal walls to open up the pair of industrial double-volume windows, removing the 30-year old terracotta tiles and replacing it with a white screed floor.

Inspired by his love of island holidays and visits to France, Tone created the French Polynesian theme incorporating a black wall, two large blue-green Andraz pots, French café chairs, Polynesian island carvings and a parrot hat stand.

Two oversized palms stand on either side of a large Indian antique wardrobe. The tropical themed carpet, along with the botanical and bird-life paintings, adds a splash of colour to complete the exotic theme.