Nature + Mountain

In the idyllic and expansive De Geode Hoop estate, where each property is four acres, you will find this perfect example of a garden that merges with the natural surrounding flora, yet manages to enclose the house in a structured garden.

The property underwent a major renovation in 2016 and the house was demolished and turned 180 degrees. The original view was of the Atlantic ocean to the West, however the weather associated with this view, made the lifestyle of the home dysfunctional.

By landscaping the property, which involved crane trucks moving rocks and tons of earth, the house was repositioned to now face the mountains, with it’s back to the south-easter. The wrap around veranda allows for the creation of an amphitheatre of the mountains to the north with a natural style swimming pool (designed by Tone) at the centre, utilising the surrounding rock.

Tone and his team landscaped the property surrounding the new home so that it seemed as if the house was dropped into the garden. Tone created a wooden staircase up to the front door from the driveway, using five meter gum sleepers (harvested from alien vegetation). The same effect was created on the other side of the house, using the sleepers again, this time from the house, down to the fire pit. All the stone walls, including the firepit, were designed by Tone.

The existing concrete pond was redesigned using natural rock, railway sleepers and assorted indigenous grasses. The combination of stone, wood and indigenous plants in this tranquil garden, give way to a feeling of quiet and calm, in harmony with the surrounding habitat.