Sustainable + Farm

Inspired by the Babylonstoren gardens in Franschoek, South Africa, Tone worked with his clients to create an old Cape-style garden. The clients wished to create a garden that would allow them to live off the land, and own livestock too. Their dream was to move off the grid completely.

Over the course of a year, the farm land was re-sculpted and constructed to includ the development of a vineyard, orchard, and vegetable garden.

A large amount of earthworks were required to level the land, as well as extensive stonework to create sweeping staircases and terraces. Rough round concrete walls, were created above the stonework to add to the look and feel of the old-style Cape gardens.

Pergolas were created to enable seating within the garden and provide an outdoor entertainment space. Tone also developed the arbor, and an innovative watering system was created within the orchid – hand molded concrete channels were built and dressed with stone.

The clients are currently living sustainably off the garden and are enjoying their dream, as a reality.